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Credit cards, personal loans, store cards - many of us have them, but what can you do when you are struggling to meet your commitments to your creditors?

Australian Debt Counsellors has been helping Australian businesses and individuals resolve their financial difficulties since 1996.

Are you -

  • Finding it difficult to pay your creditors on time?
  • Reluctant to answer the phone or open mail because of your unpaid debts?
  • Thinking about consolidating your debts?
  • Thinking about filing for bankruptcy?
  • Wanting to know what your options are to resolve your financial difficulty?

Australian Debt Counsellors provides a range of options to help businesses and individuals regain control of their finances.  For further information contact one of our consultants to discuss the options available to your specific financial position.

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 Australian Debt Counsellors is a division of Granville Securities Pty Ltd  - Australian Credit Licence Number: 383397